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12. Which of the following would be least evident during adolescence?

a. lamellar bone
b. parallel-fibered bone
c. primary vascular canals
d. secondary vascular canals
e. woven bone

13. The oldest lamella of a Haversian system (osteon) is

a. the most peripheral lamella
b. not calcified
c. the most central lamella
d. adjacent to endosteum
e. adjacent to periosteum

14. In a slide showing spongy bone formed solely by intramembranous ossification, all of the

following features may be found upon microscopic examination except


a. non-lamellar bone
b. osteoclasts
c. lamellar bone
d. calcified cartilage
e. periosteum

15. Demineralized bone consists chiefly of

a. sialic acid and other mucopolysaccharides
b. osteoid
c. amorphous hydroxyapatite
d. canaliculi and lacunae
e. collagen

16. The formation of bone in the absence of a pre-existing cartilage framework is called

a. nonlamellar
b. lamellar
c. intramembranous
d. intercartilaginous
e. endochondral



Dental Board exams (questions for histology/oral histology)

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