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Fortunately, there are other rules that help determine monocots 

and dicots, which are easier to apply

The two most important traits are leaf vein pattern (veination) 
and numbers of petals and sepals

Dicots usually have a network or featherlike pinnate pattern 
of veins while

Monocots have the major veins parallel to each other

However, there are occasional exceptions 


some leaves 

don’t show an obvious vein pattern

For petal and sepal number, dicots have 4 or 5 (except for 
some early dicots that have a large number),

Monocots have 3 or multiples of 3

Again there are occasional exceptions

There are other traits for the two groups but many, like pollen 
details and wood anatomy are difficult to deal with


PLANT TAXONOMY (Identification, classification and description of plants)

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