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Identification of native plants, by contrast, is often a surer thing; 

many states have floras of their native plants

Even better for the beginner are books specializing in one 
particular geographic area, such as Marin County

The majority of these i.d. books contain not only some 
illustrations, but 

dichotomous keys

for making a 


The inexact part of this aspect of i.d. is because keys contain 
many inconsistencies and sometimes just plain mistakes

The other inexact part is that plants vary a lot in the wild, and 
no keys take all of the variation into account

For example, the genus 


(strawberry) has flowers with 

5 petals, but occasionally an individual will display 6 petals, 
instead. This could completely mislead the identifier because 
number of flower parts is heavily emphasized


PLANT TAXONOMY (Identification, classification and description of plants)

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