How many pages would Wikipedia take to be printed?

Sun, Aug 2023
Bard AI

130,000,000 pages

ChatGPT 4
The exact number of pages that Wikipedia would take to be printed is difficult to determine due to the constant updates and additions. However, as of 2021, the English version of Wikipedia alone has over 6 million articles. In 2010, a study by student Rob Matthews found that it would take approximately 7,473 volumes of the Encyclopædia Britannica to print Wikipedia. He actually printed 0.01% of English Wikipedia in a book which resulted in a 7ft thick volume. In another estimation done in 2014 by Pediapress, an organization that used to print custom books from Wikipedia articles, they estimated that it would take around 2,400 volumes to print the entirety of English Wikipedia at that time. Considering these estimates and the growth of Wikipedia since then, it's safe to say that it would likely take well over tens of thousands of standard-sized printed books to contain all current content from the English version alone. If we consider all language editions, this number would be much higher. Please note these are rough estimates and actual numbers can vary based on factors like font size, page size, image inclusion etc.
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