What are prohibited in social networks like twitter?

Fri, Dec 2023
Bard AI
  • Hate speech, which is defined as speech that is intended to incite hatred or violence against a particular group of people based on their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristic.
  • Harassment, which is defined as repeated and unwanted communication that is intended to cause harm or distress.
  • Inappropriate content, which includes content that is violent, sexually explicit, or otherwise harmful or offensive.
  • Spam, which is defined as unsolicited and unwanted messages that are sent in bulk.
  • Impersonation, which is defined as creating a fake account in order to pose as someone else.
  • Circumventing restrictions, which is defined as using a technique or tool to bypass the restrictions imposed by a social network.
  • Other illegal activities, such as fraud, theft, and drug dealing.
ChatGPT 4
Social networks like Twitter have community guidelines and policies that prohibit certain behaviors and content to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of the platform. Here are some of the things that are prohibited on Twitter: 1. Violence and Physical Harm: Threats of violence, glorification of violence, abusive behavior, harassment, hateful conduct, or any form of physical harm towards others is strictly prohibited. 2. Illegal Activities: Any content promoting illegal activities such as drug use or sales, human trafficking, terrorism etc., is not allowed. 3. Sensitive Content: Graphic violence and adult content must be marked as sensitive. Some forms of sensitive content are not allowed at all. 4. Privacy Violation: Sharing someone else's private information without their consent is not allowed. This includes home address, phone number, email address etc. 5. Impersonation: Pretending to be someone else in a misleading or deceptive manner is not allowed. 6. Spam and Security: Any form of spamming behavior like bulk messaging or aggressive following is prohibited. Also any activity that compromises the security of Twitter users like hacking or spreading malware is not allowed. 7. Intellectual Property: Copyright infringement or violation of intellectual property rights is strictly prohibited. 8. Manipulation and Deceptive Behavior: Any attempt to manipulate or disrupt Twitter’s services through bots or fake accounts is not allowed. 9. Child Sexual Exploitation: Sharing imagery that sexually exploits children is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate account suspension. 10. Suicide or Self-Harm: Promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm is strictly forbidden on Twitter. These rules are put in place to maintain a safe environment for all users on the platform.
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