What is the meaning of the big fish eat little fish?

Wed, Dec 2023
Bard AI

The phrase "big fish eat little fish" is a metaphor for the idea that those in positions of power will use their resources to exploit those who are less powerful. It can also refer to the idea of natural selection, where the stronger organisms survive and reproduce at the expense of the weaker ones. In a business context, the phrase can be used to describe the way that larger companies often take advantage of smaller ones.

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The phrase "big fish eat little fish" is a metaphorical expression that refers to the law of the survival of the fittest or the natural order of hierarchy. It means that in society, business, or any other competitive environment, the stronger or more powerful ones (big fish) will always dominate, take advantage of, or consume the weaker or less powerful ones (little fish). This phrase is often used to describe situations where smaller entities are being overtaken or consumed by larger entities.
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