Who was Lawrence Singleton?

Mon, Jan 2024
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Lawrence Singleton was a convicted criminal, infamous for his brutal crimes. He was born on July 28, 1927, in Tampa, Florida. Singleton is most known for the rape and attempted murder of 15-year-old Mary Vincent in 1978. Singleton picked up Vincent while she was hitchhiking in Berkeley, California. He then raped her and cut off both her arms with a hatchet before leaving her to die in a culvert near Modesto. However, Vincent survived and managed to crawl up to the road where she was found by passersby. Singleton was arrested and convicted for his crimes in 1979. Despite the severity of his actions, he only served eight years of a 14-year sentence due to laws at that time. His early release sparked public outrage and led to changes in California's laws regarding parole. After his release from prison in California, Singleton moved to Florida where he committed another crime. In 1997, he murdered a woman named Roxanne Hayes. Singleton was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in 1998. Singleton died of cancer in a prison hospital while on death row at the North Florida Reception Center state prison on December 28, 2001. His crimes have been cited as examples of the need for harsher sentencing and parole laws for violent offenders.
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