Labeling Theory

Although all of us violate norms from time to time, few people would consider themselves deviant. Those who do, however, have often been labeled “deviant” by society and have gradually come to believe it themselves. Labeling theory examines the ascribing of a deviant behavior to another person by members of society. Thus, what is considered deviant is determined not so much by the behaviors themselves or the people who commit them, but by the reactions of others to these behaviors. As a result, what is considered deviant changes over time and can vary significantly across cultures.

Q. According to the paragraph, which of the following best describes the labeling theory?

Select the Correct Answer:
Individuals who are given the label “deviant”
The classification of a person based on society’s reactions to their actions
Referring to people by a specific label determined by their own behavior
The categorization of behaviors that varies from culture to culture


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