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Biology - 13

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Oxidation of fats and carbohydrates within a cell would be an
example of:

a)  anabolism
b)  catabolism
c)  biosynthesis
d)  none of the above

ANSWER:   B -- Catabolism

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  The muscle which is under involuntary control is: 

a)  striated
b)  smooth
c)  skeletal


BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  The secondary pacemaker of the heart is known as the:

a)  AV node
b)  SA node
c)  Purkinje Bundle
d)  None of the above

ANSWER:   A -- AV node

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  A pyrogen is a substance released during inflammation that aids in

a)  swelling
b)  redness
c)  fever
d)  pain

ANSWER:   C -- fever

BIOL-91; ; Multiple Choice:  Which of the following living creatures is most likely to have
evolved from the trilobite?

a)  millipede
b)  sea star
c)  sea anemone
d)  whelk

ANSWER:   A -- millipede


Biology questions and answers

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