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Biology - 20

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  The adult human of average age and size has approximately how
many quarts of blood?  Is it:

a)  4
b)  6
c)  8
d) 10

ANSWER:   B -- 6

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Once the erythrocytes enter the blood in humans, i is estimated that
they have an average lifetime of how many days.  Is it: 

a)  10 days
b) 120 days
c) 200 days
d) 360 days

ANSWER:   B -- 120 Days

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Of the following, which mechanisms are important i the death of
erythrocytes (pron: eh-rith-reh-sites) in human blood?  Is it 

a)  phagocytosis

(pron: fag-eh-seh-toe-sis)

b)  hemolysis
c)  mechanical damage
d)  all of the above

ANSWER:   D -- all of the above

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Surplus red blood cells, needed to meet an emergency, are MAINLY
stored in what organ of the human body?  Is it the: 

a)  pancreas
b)  spleen
c)  liver
d)  kidneys

ANSWER:   B -- spleen


Biology questions and answers

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