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 28. The presence of which one of the following characteristics is of least value in

distinguishing bone from hyaline cartilage?


a. lamellae
b. cell nests
c. Haversian canals
d. lacunae
e. canaliculi

29. Which one of the following cells would be best for the study of lysosomes?

a. fibroblasts
b. macrophages
c. mast cells
d. mesenchymal cells
e. fat cells

30. Heparin is produced by

a. mast cells
b. macrophages
c. lymphocytes
d. plasma cells
e. hepatocytes

31. All of the following have ribosomes attached to them except

a. nuclear envelope
b. tRNA
c. endoplasmic reticulum
d. each other
e. phagosomes

32. Which one of the following parts of a cell lacks a bounding memberane?

a. nucleolus
b. endoplasmic reticulum
c. lysosomes
d. Golgi complex
e. nucleus

33. The electron dense layers of cell membranes are biochemically identified as

a. carbohydrate
b. glycolipid
c. sialic acid
d. phospholipid-protein complex
e. interphase between lipid layers


Dental Board exams (questions for histology/oral histology)

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