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34. Intracellular digestion is a chief function of the

a. Golgi apparatus
b. endoplasmic reticulum
c. lysosomes
d. residual bodies
e. mitochondria

35. Which one of the following structures is visible in the light microscope?

a. mitochondrion
b. ribosomes
c. tight junction
d. smooth endoplasmic reticulum
e. plasma membrane

36. The basal body of a cilium has a tubular filament  arrangement which is identical to the

pattern found in


a. microvilli
b. centrioles
c. spindle fibers
d. stereocilia
e. microtubules

37. Which one of the following junctions is characterized by the fusion of the outer leaflets of

the cell membranes of adjacent cells?


a. zonula adherens
b. desmosomes
c. macula adherens
d. gap junctions
e. tight junctions (zonula occludens)

38. Cytoplasmic basophilia is characteristic of cells that

a. are actively producing steroid hormones
b. have abundant DNA in the cytoplasm
c. are in the S stage
d. are synthesizing large amounts of protein
e. exhibit a conspicuous Golgi complex



Dental Board exams (questions for histology/oral histology)

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