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39. The exocrine cells secrete all of the following except

a. amylase
b. gastrin
c. prochymotrypsin
d. lipase
e. protrypsin

40. Bile is formed by

a. sinusoidal endothelium
b. stromal cells
c. lymphocytes
d. (von) Kupffer cells
e. hepatic cells (hepatocytes)

41. The esophagus is subdivided into three portions along its course on the basis of a

transition in the composition of the


a. submucosa
b. mucosal layer
c. adventitia
d. muscularis externa
e. none of the above

42. Plicae circularis (valves of Kerkring) are present in

a. stomach
b. ileum
c. duodenum
d. jejunum
e. all but the stomach

43. The epithelium of the gallbladder is composed of

a. simple columnar epithelium
b. psuedostratified epithelium
c. ciliated columnar epithelium
d. stratified squamous epithelium
e. simple squamous epithelium

44. Which of the following lacks goblet cells?

a. nasal cavity
b. ileum
c. trachea
d. esophagus
e. vermiform appendix


Dental Board exams (questions for histology/oral histology)

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