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45. Which one of the following has skeletal muscle in the muscularis externa?

a. colon
b. appendix
c. stomach
d. esophagus
e. small intestine

46. The submucosal plexus (Meissner's plexus) contains cell bodies of

a. preganglionic parasympathetic neurons
b. postganglionic sympathetic neurons
c. postganglionic parasympathetic neurons
d. preganglionic sympathetic neurons
e. none of the above

47. Goblet cells are most numerous in the walls of the

a. villi
b. gastric glands
c. crypts of Lieberkuhn (intestinal glands) in the ileum
d. crypts of Lieberkuhn (intestinal glands) in the duodenum
e. crypts of Lieberkuhn (intestinal glands) in the colon

48. In humans, the lining epithelium of the esophagus is

a. transitional
b. simple columnar
c. stratified squamous, keratinized
d. stratified squamous, non-keratinized
e. stratified cuboidal

49. Pancreatic alpha cells secrete

a. glucagon
b. insulin
c. somatostatin
d. gastrin
e. pancreatic digestive enzymes

50. Endothelium and mesothelium form cellular membranes which have the same histologic

structure as
a. stratified cuboidal epithelium
b. simple columnar epithelium
c. simple cuboidal epithelium
d. stratified squamous epithelium
e. simple squamous epithelium


Dental Board exams (questions for histology/oral histology)

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