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However, (blank), by limiting blood flow to the

liver, may impair disposition of those drugs whose

metabolism is flow-limited

cardiac disease

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These drugs are so readily metabolized by the liver that

hepatic clearance is essentially equal to

liver blood flow

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The impaired enzyme activity or defective formation of

enzymes associated with heavy metal poisoning or

(blank) also results in reduced hepatic drug metabolism.


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may also affect drug metabolism,

as indicated by the impaired hydrolysis of procainamide

and procaine in patients with chronic respiratory


Pulmonary disease

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increased half-life of (blank) (a

P450 functional probe) in patients with lung cancer.


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other factors affecting drug metabolism

Thyroid dysfunction

• Hypothyroidism

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Malfunctions of the pituitary, adrenal cortex, and gonads

markedly reduce hepatic drug metabolism in


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Finally, the release of inflammatory mediators,

(blank) associated with bacterial or

viral infections, cancer, or inflammation are known

to impair drug metabolism by inactivating P450s and

enhancing their degradation.

cytokines, and nitric oxide

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is found to inactivate CYP2B1

by modification of both its heme and protein



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more potent than morphine itself.


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