Want to add a splash of color or flavor to the way you express yourself in the English language? With 100+ native English idioms at your disposal, you'll be able to engage any audience and express yourself as the natives do!

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Have bigger fish to fry.

To have more important things to do.

Example: Johnny doesn't want to waste his time washing the dishes because has bigger fish to fry.

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Beat around the bush.

To avoid speaking about what's important.

Example: After damaging his brother's car, Johnny beat around the bush instead of explaining clearly what had happened.

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Read between the lines.

To discern the real meaning behind something without it being said clearly.

Example: When my wife pointed out the red dress in the shop window, I read between the lines and discerned that she wanted me to buy it for her.

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Look before you leap.

Think about potential risks before carrying out a decision.

Example: Before making a big purchase, it's best to look before you leap to avoid future regrets.

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Get your act together.

To make the necessary adjustments to improve oneself or to do something more effectively.

Example: Your brother has to get his act together if he wants to keep his job.

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