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  1. Plaintiff/Defendant
  2. Can they ve sued
  3. How do we cite them
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  1. What are the facts of the case
  2. Do these facts constitute a cause of action
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When must action be instututed

when was action instutued

are there any statutory law requirements

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Which court has the authority to adjudicate the matter

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Which procedural steps do we take?

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Stage 4: Advising

  1. Must effectively communicate to client nuances of profession in understandable non-technical terms
  2. Preliminary advice and further research
  3. Competent opinion
  4. You should never overstate the merits of a clients cas in order to reassure them
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Stage 5: Take Instructions

  1. Lay all options on the table - positives + negatives
  2. Refuse to make decisions on clients behalf
  3. Set expectations
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Responsibilities of attorney after consultation

  1. Client must have a clear understanding of procedure to follow
  2. Confirm consultation and instructions in writing asap
  3. Set out the procedure to be followed step by step
  4. Emphasise to client that the resolution of their matter requires theit co-operation
  5. Clarity is key
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