There’s no grammar section on the TOEFL, and you won’t have any questions that ask you specifically about grammar, but before you breathe a sigh of relief, know that you do need to know grammar for TOEFL success. 

How’s that possible if there are no questions on grammar? Your grammar knowledge will be tested based on how well you use it in your responses

Study Set Content:
21- Question

I don't know _____ the rope, but hopefully it will do the job.

Select the Correct Answer:
how long
how long is
the length of
the long of
22- Question

"Excuse me. Where is the post office?"

"It is _____ of the large blue hotel."

Select the Correct Answer:
in the front
on the front
in front
on front
23- Question

She's finally decided that _____ she's going to study much harder.

Select the Correct Answer:
after now
from this
now from
from now on
24- Question

My brother _____ the university last year.

Select the Correct Answer:
graduated from
was graduated
graduated of
25- Question

We won't be able to go to the club _____ our parents give us permission.

Select the Correct Answer:
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