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Biology - 15

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Type A blood contains isohemaglutinins against which red cells?

a)  type A
b)  type B
c)  type O
d)  type G

ANSWER:   A -- type A

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Which cell count tends to be elevated when an individual has an
allergy or parasitic worms?

a)  red blood cells
b)  erythrocyte
c)  eosinophil (pron: e-o-sin-o-fill)
d)  platelet

ANSWER:   C -- eosinophil

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Veins tend to have the following except: 

a)  valves for unidirectional flow
b)  very elastic walls
c)  thin walls
d)  increasing size toward the heart

ANSWER:   B -- very elastic walls

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Gallstones are most often the result of: 

a)  gallbladder irritation
b)  eating cherries and swallowing the pits
c)  precipitation of cholesterol
d)  accumulated bile pigment

ANSWER:   C -- precipitation of cholesterol

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  The loss of water by plants in the form of vapor i called:

a)  evaporation
b)  transpiration
c)  evapotranspiration
d)  vaporization

ANSWER:  C -- evapotranspiration


Biology questions and answers

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