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Biology - 16

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Sponges are included in which of the following phyla?

a) Cnidaria

(pron: nid-air-e-ah)

b) Porifera
c) Reptilia
d) Foraminifera

(pron: feh-ram-eh-nif-eh-rah)


BIOL-91; Short Answer:  Name the tendon in humans which attaches the gastrocnemius and
soleus muscles to the calcaneum or heel bone. 

ANSWER:   Achilles Tendon

BIOL-91; Short Answer:  What is the normal pH of human blood? 

ANSWER:   7.4

BIOL-91: Short Answer:  Myosin is one of two proteins that make up the myofibrils of striated
muscles.  Name the other protein.

ANSWER:   Actin

BIOL-91; Short Answer:  Part of the endocrine system in humans, these two glands are small
bodies located at the upper end of each kidney.  While these glands perform a variety of functions,
two of the most important are (1) control of the body's adjustment to an upright posture, and (2)
accommodation of the body to intermittent rather than constant intake of food.  Name these

ANSWER:   Adrenal Glands

BIOL-91; Short Answer:  Name the gelatin-like substance which is prepared fro various species
of red algae growing in Asiatic waters.  The prepared product appears in the form of cakes,
coarse granules, long shreds or in thin sheets.  It is used extensively alone or in combination with
various nutritive substances, as a medium for culturing bacteria and various fungi 

ANSWER:   Agar-agar   or   just Agar


Biology questions and answers

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