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Biology - 17

BIOL-91; Short Answer:  What is a partial or total loss of memory of a temporary or permanent
nature known as?

ANSWER:   Amnesia

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  All of the following are characteristic of amphibians EXCEPT:

a)  moist skin
b)  the absence of scales
c)  metamorphosis
d)  live in salt water

ANSWER:   D -- live in salt water

BIOL-91; Short Answer:  What term is used to describe the procedure whereby a catheter is
inserted into an individual's heart, a radio-opaque medium is injected, and x-ray images are made. 
The procedure is used to locate wher arteries are blocked and the degree to which the blockage
has developed. 

ANSWER:   Angiography   or   Angiogram

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  Which of the following joints is formed by the articulation of the
tibia, the malleolus of the fibula, and the convex surface of the talus.  Is it the:

a)  ankle
b)  knee
c)  elbow
d)  wrist

ANSWER:   A -- Ankle

BIOL-91; Multiple Choice:  A plant which completes its life cycle, from seed to seed, in a single
growing season is known as:

a)  perennial
b)  cyclic
c)  annual
d)  circadian

ANSWER:   C -- Annual


Biology questions and answers

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