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Use as a method of birth control and will help to prevent the spread of STD


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An alternative to using eye glasses ● A solution is used for rinsing and storing contact lenses.

Contact lens solution & Contact Lens

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Works by putting pressure on your abdomen. ● This takes weight off your spine and joints to help you heal more easily.

Corset Cast

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Used for cleaning wounds and for padding and protection.


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Where the patient lies during operation

Operating lamp and Operating table Table

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Used to assist the personnel during surgical procedure by illuminating a local area or cavity of the patient.


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Device used to look into the ears.

. Otoscope

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Use to fill the area of the tooth where the decayed material has been removed. ● Use to repair cracked, broken, or worn out teeth.

Dental filler

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Use for surgery or anatomical dissection.


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Use for listening to beating of a human heart, listening to lungs and intestines, flow of blood in the surrounding area ● Use for auscultation


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An artificial kidney used to filter fluids and wastes from a dialysis patient’s blood


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Used to study: a developing fetus, pen’s abdominal and pelvic organs, muscles and tendons, or heart and blood vessel ● Uses high-frequency sound waves to make an image of a person’s internal body structure

Ultrasound scanner

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Use to protect the wound from bacterial contamination


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Use for surgery,medical and veterinary purposes. ● Use for drilling screws into the bone.

Bone drill

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Inserted nasal, oral, percutaneous area ● Use in delivering medication and nutrients to a patient.

Feeding set

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An inflatable silicone device placed around the top portion of the stomach to treat obesity, intended to decrease food consumption.

Gastric bands

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Use to open up the airway to give oxygen,anesthesia or medicine or to remove blockage.

Intubation set

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Use to replace a dysfunctional native heart valve

Heart valve

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Use to apply a controlled electric shock to the heart, which leads to depolarization of the entire electrical conduction system of the heart.


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A small device placed in the chest or abdomen to control abnormal heart rhythms.


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