A motivation letter is a personal document detailing your professional skills and reasons for applying for a course of study, a scholarship or a volunteer job. This letter accompanies your application and supporting documents.

In this collection there are samples help students to apply for universities or scholarships

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The motivation letter for scholarship program EMECW 


I am putting forward my motivation letter for you, to make general idea about me and 

my concern about getting the scholarship. 

Who am I 


My name is Radek Pospisil and I'm 21 years old student of Masaryk University,  The 

Faculty of economics and administration. My field of study is Economic information systems. 
Well, IT and economics belongs to my hobbies too. What can be more pleasant than joining 
hobby and duty together? :) 

Why do I want to get the scholarship 


The idea about making attempt to get some scholarship has been in my eye since I 

have got to the university. But just few weeks ago, my schoolmate told me about this 
opportunity and I started to wonder about this more concretely. 

My temper is naturally curious and adventurous so the fact that the destination is in the 

area of The Middle East was quite surprising and pleasant for me. Moreover, there is another 
aspect I’d like to point out. Let’s imagine, I would be offered two scholarships. The first one 
to the United States and the other one to Jordan. Despite the fact I’ve never been to USA, I 
would choose the second mentioned. Why? I’m quite fed up with “consumer” society so 
visiting states like USA wouldn’t improve my cultural knowledge. That is one of reasons why 
I'm interested in your offer. 


What do I expect 

As mentioned above my interests lays in cultural and social spheres too. In my opinion, the 
main gain for a student who get a scholarship, shouldn't be the studium itself. Discovering 
habits and ways of living of various people is the way how to make a detached view on the 
society. So the answer to the question „What do I expect“ is clear. Of course I'm not saying I 
don't want to get new skills on the field of my academic aim. I'm quite a lot interested in 
economics and informatics so this is an ideal way for my knowledge to be widen. What's 
more, I believe I could be a benefit for the other students too. It depends on the level of the 
contact with them. And I believe that your kindness will make my wish come true. 
Best regards 
Radek Pospisil 

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Motivation Letter 

To: Admission department
University of Cambridge

Dear Sir/Madam:

I  am writing to apply for the B.A.  in  Law program,  in which I am enormously interested. The degree 
from  one  of  the  most  prestigious,  elitist  and  respected  universities  is  my  chance  to  enrich  my 
knowledge  and  professionally  outgrowth  thereby  contribute  to  the  development  of  the  humanity  and 
the  strengthening  of  the  values  of  human  rights  and  fundamental  freedoms,  promoting  peace  in  the 
world by contributing the development of democracy in my native country and a whole world.

I  am  a  human  rights  activist,  public  figure  of  my  own  and  students’  community,  master  in 
photography, and creator of my fortune. Ukraine is my native country. My country is an independent 
and  young  state.  It  is  developing  but  it  has  a  lot  of  problems.  By  observing  and  analyzing  these 
problems I am aware that everybody’s well-being depends on a solution of social and global problems.

I  know  that  England  is  a  country  with  a  perfect  system  of  human  rights  protection  and  solutions  of 
social problems. Active youth human rights advocates assert its rights decisively and implements new 
ways of solving of social problems. As a leader of the youth community and a member of NGO I have a 
lot of goals and plans. These goals are improvement of youth well-being, involvement of young people 
into social life, finding and promotion of young leaders. It’s very important for me. That’s why I strive 
to take part in your educational establishment together with progressive international youth. I aim to 
join  in  researching  and  developing  of  projects  together  with  the  best  world  academics,  journalists, 
activists, officials, and leaders in human rights protection in order to solve global problems of mankind 
as well as challenges of my community.

From the very beginning of my public activity I’m engaging social projects aimed at protecting citizens 
and especially youth and children. The project is based on my research which allowed evaluating the 
degree of human rights violation in the Ukrainian province and applying a number of measures of their 
solution,  and  consequently  increasing  a  level  of  social  welfare.  My  projects  have  been  highly 
appreciated by experts of Klitschko brothers Foundation, Charitable Fund “Ukraine 3000

″, International 

Women’s Fund, Youth Union of Ukraine.

Studying  in  University of  Cambridge will allow  me to  explore  the  long-term  experience  of democracy 
building,  gain knowledge and  skills  in the field of  law and  leadership, which  can be used for creating 
better instruments of protection of the individual and promotion of democracy.

Large role in the promotion of social projects has the status of leader, their credibility, especially in the 
case  of  projects  the  national  and  international  level.  Therefore  my  personal  status,  that  besides 
depends  on  the  success  and  rating  of  the  institution,  will  provide  additional  opportunities  to  my 

I have already done much for social improvement of my community as volunteer, author of projects, 
member  of  NGO, secretary  of  student  parliament  and  deputies  assistant;  but  life  changes  and  new 
challenges  require  new  ideas,  knowledge,  skills  and  partners.  After  training  in  the  Visegrad  Summer 
School and Ukrainian Summer School of Human Rights, I ascertain that the experience, knowledge and 
desire  of  even  one  person  with  an  active  social  position  can  change  the  lives  of  others  people, 
communities and countries.

Moreover, taking part in The B.A. in Law program is a perfect chance to develop both my personal and 
professional experience by interacting with top students and leaders of other nationalities, discovering 
new culture and traditions. Being an active participant of the Ukrainian meetings of youth, I know how 
enriching it is to meet new people, sharing ideas and broadening our horizons beyond a single nation’s 

I am sure that the knowledge I shall receive in The B.A. in Law program will be able to be applied in 
the  future  in  order  to  become  a  professional,  I  could  help  people  and  teams  to  develop  their  own 

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potential, to overcome obstacles and to achieve their goals. While working in the public sector we all 
strive for positive changes in our society. I am sure all changes we want in society have to start with 
NGO and ourselves. I shall develop national programs, which could help to adjust long-term relations 
among cultures and continents.

This is my way, the way of a person who wants, for certain, to change the fortune of Ukraine and its’ 
folk.  I  am  a  drop  of  my  Ukrainian  people  and  the  fortune  of  all  the  ocean  depends  on  my  personal 
experience, knowledge which I can and want to pass the other people.

In  conclusion,  I  would  like  to  say  that  I  am  eager  to  gain  new  experiences,  improve  my  skills  and 
broaden my understanding of the dynamic economic world, and  I am persuaded that  studying in the 
B.A. in Law program  would  contribute  to my  development  as  a  specialist of  international level  in the 
best possible way.

Thank you very much for considering my application.

Yours faithfully,

Yuliya Matvienko

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Motivation Letter


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to apply for the Master in Finance & Accounting program at the London School of 
Economics and Political Science starting in the autumn 2012. The degree from one of the most 
recognised and prestigious business schools is my chance to make a substantial progress in personal 
career and thus contribute to Ukrainian economic development.

Ukrainian economy is an emerging market whose economic evolvement is extremely dependent on 
investments. I started explorations in investment valuation when studied at the university. I found out 
that low sovereign risk was one of the most important factors for successful investment activity in 
emerging markets. My research was concentrated on development of an econometric model for 
measuring a sovereign risk of Ukraine. The model allowed not only to obtain a quantitative assessment 
of Ukrainian sovereign risk but to define macroeconomic factors that influenced it the most. The results 
of my explorations were highly evaluated by Victor Pinchuck’s and Ivan Puluy’s Foundations as I won 
two scholarships. Studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science will allow me to 
obtain necessary skills and knowledge in investment valuation and analysis to proceed with my 
explorations and make my model widely circulated among domestic and foreign investors.

In addition, the Master’s degree from the LSE is crucial for my career growth. I have already made a 
substantial career progress from an intern position to a senior analyst at Metinvest Holding, the largest 
steel & mining company in Ukraine. It took me only two years to grow up and prove to my colleagues 
that my knowledge and abilities were enough to work in a highly competitive and complex business 
environment. My future career perspectives strictly depend on educational progress due to the fact 
that my managers and directors already have foreign institutions’ diplomas that allow them to 
communicate with our overseas partners in one language of business and financial terms.

As a senior analyst at Strategy & Business Development department I studied opportunities for steel 
consuming sectors development in Ukraine. One of the most attractive options exists in wind energy 
sector that is very steel intensive. During the project I had a chance to participate in the international 
conference devoted to consideration of successful factors to implement wind energy projects in 
Ukraine. All of participants, included foreign wind turbine manufacturers, investment banks and 
international financial institutions, pointed out that they needed reliable partners to start business in 
Ukraine. As a representative of Metinvest Holding I experienced lack of world-class investments 
valuation and expertise practice to assure foreign investors that our company could be a reliable 
partner in this complex and cross-industrial business. Diversification of energy sources is one of top 
priorities in the long-term national energy policy that is why succeeding in wind energy projects is 
significant for energy independence of Ukraine.

I am pretty sure that acquaintance with world-class investment valuation and risk assessment 
procedures is my chance to make substantial career progress. As the Master of Science in Finance & 
Accounting I would manage complex investment projects in steel and related industries, for example, 
wind energy attracting foreign investments in Ukraine. I would also be able to assure foreign investors 
that sovereign risk can be easily measured and we know what factors influence it.

Since studying at the university I have been steadily developing personal communication and 
presentation skills. I participated in more than ten international and regional student scientific 
conferences in Ukraine and abroad. There were no conferences where I did not take a prize place. My 
presentation skills were significantly strengthened during work at Metinvest Holding as I was urged to 
prove rationale of various investment projects and market strategies to company’s top management.

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During studying at the university I also managed to demonstrate leadership potential. I was a captain 
of a team which participated in student business games. Our team showed very good results at the 
regional stage and was chosen to participate in the final. I highly appreciate this experience as it was 
my first serious successful management practice.

To sum up, I am at the beginning of my career path, but I have already attained substantial progress 
in it. I aspire to study at the London School of Economics and Political Science in order to obtain 
urgently needed investment valuation and analysis skills to make further progress in personal career. 
My educational results as well as communication and leadership potential prove that I am basically 
prepared to apply for the Master in Finance & Accounting program.

Yours faithfully,

Anton Nakaliuzhnyi

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