In this collection we will go over The Autonomic Nervous System

At the end of this collection you will be able to Describe the structure and general functions of the sympathetic nervous system, describe the structure and general functions of the parasympathetic nervous system, distinguish between different types of adrenergic receptors and explain the physiological and clinical significance of these receptors, explain how cholinergic receptors are categorized and describe the effects produced by stimulation of these receptors.

This collection is very important for all medical students.

Study Set Content:
21- Document
22- Document
23- Document
24- Document
25- Document
26- Document
27- Document
28- Document
29- Document
30- Document
31- Document
32- Document
33- Document
34- Document
35- Document
36- Document
37- Document
38- Document
39- Document
40- Document
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