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Simplify 2(p^2)+3p+(p^2).

This expression contains two types of different terms, those that contain(p^2) and those that contain p. p2 and p are not like terms because although they contain the same letter, the letters do not have the same power.




Putting the simplified terms together gives 3p2+3p

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22- Flashcard

Simplify 3d×5d .

Multiply the numbers first. This gives 3×5=15

Then multiply d×d=(d^2)

The final answer is 15(d^2)

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Expand k(k−2)

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Expand 3f(5−6f)

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Expand the bracket (2m−3)(m+1)

Firsts = 2m×m=2(m^2)

Outsides = 2m×1=2m

Insides = −3×m=−3m

Lasts = −3×1=−3

This gives: 2(m^2)+2m−3m−3

2m and −3m

 are like terms, as they both contain the letter m.


 which can be written as −m.

Simplifying like terms gives: 2(m^2)−m−3.

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