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Judas home

Kerioth of Judea

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Aside from the 12 disciples, Jesus had other

circle of disciples

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He betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver and afterwards hanged himself


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other disciples of Jesus

The masses, those present at itinerant preaching/teaching events and the large public feedings of the multitudes,

The 70 disciples and friends who were impacted by Jesus’ teachings and healings and were committed to following him (Anthony, 2001).

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 The Tasks of the Disciples

1. Representatives of Christ to preach his message

2. To cast out demons

3. To heal the sick, to cure the lepers

4. To raise the dead

5. To give freely as they have received

6. To do as commanded in Matt. 28:18-20 (Elwood & Magdamo, 1971).

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To be With Christ

· To be associated with him

· To express loyalty to him

· To share the outward circumstances of their common life

· To have opportunities to learn from him

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In some cases, the demand is a literal abandonment of home, business ties, and possessions only to answer the call for mission/to minister.

Readiness to leave family belongings

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A disciple should have personal allegiance to Christ, dedication to the cause of Christ, and a heart and mind to really follow Christ. He/she must be ready to put the claims of Jesus first whatever the cost.

Allegiance to Christ

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Two-fold Purpose of Discipleship

To be With Christ

To send them forth

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· Jesus commissioned them to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing and teaching people to obey God.

To send them forth

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To follow the way of the cross no matter how difficult it may be. The cross-shaped yoke of Christ is an instrument of liberation power to those who live in it with him and learn the meekness and lowliness of heart that brings rest to the soul. “One cannot be a disciple of Christ without forfeiting things normally sought in human life. Non-discipleship may be peaceful, comfortable but will not fulfill the highest human possibilities and take life on the highest plane”

Bear the Cross

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Son of THunder term


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