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database design process?

1 - define purpose of database(university)


2-find information required(student table and department table informations beside them like how many departments the uni have or faculty)


3-create field and tables and primary keys


4 = create relationships between tables


5-normalaize the design

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normalazation rules:

1nf 2nf 3nf

first normal form // //

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first rule of normalization?

make fields separately not such as

first and second name in one field

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second rule of normalization ?

u have to make sure that every non primary key field depends on primary key field

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normalization 3rd rule?

2 and 1should be done then

the non primary key fields should be independent on each other

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how can we make relationship between two tables?

a head of primary key in one table will be a tail of foreign key in other table

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three types of relationships :

one to one

one to many

many to many

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one to one relatioship will be between which table and which table?

between one stuff which has one stuff

one student has one contact

 which contact contains house number

id also passport if needs

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one to one example?

one car has a one id and license car and model

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which relationship is most common?

one to many

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why relationships are useful?

cus they free us from repeatin datas in tables

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for one to one what is the condition to make relationship and also what is it for one to many ?

one to one both should be primary key

student id --> student id

one to many one of them needs to be primary key

costumer id --> position of student will be foreign key

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what is diff between foreign key and primary key?

u can't update anything from foreign key but in primary , its ok

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how does one to many works?

one costumer can order many things(which all of them have diff id)

costumer table is parent

and order table is child table

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how does many to many works?

a book can be written by many writers

and a writer can write many books

so we need third table which contains

writer id

book id

and an id for book_and_writer table as primary key

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sql and mysql can do what?

creating table removing table insetrt data retrieve data

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